This was the original post:

I scribbled this on the train yesterday afternoon.
It was a toss-up between drawing and watching a movie.
Later in the evening I started embellishing… ad infinitum.
During lunchtime today I quickly added some colour and then I realized
there are some projects that can seemingly go on forever.
I’m not going to look at this again, because I can see a space for a sword, a scar, a skull and a
million other little “improvements”.
I won’t even pretend that I’m any expert regarding “dragon anatomy”.
I guess I unleashed my inner warrior and simply muddled through.
But in the end I was fairly happy with the way the beast turned out.
I also cropped the pic quite a bit.

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope your Thursday was great.

(I’m still ignoring the voice that says, “add some battle scars”)