Mint Waxed

You have to ease up on the grip, hold on too tight and you stay stuck in one spot, swinging to and fro…
If you feel this Monday is spiraling out of control, don’t fight it too much, go with the flow, release that iron grip a bit and simply enjoy the ride.
Just slide and glide like a pro!
And always use Mint Waxed for best results!

Nothing beats the Sunday Blues and potential Monday Blues like keeping busy.
In my case constructing some random toony-silliness is the best medicine for warding off any ominous thoughts regarding the coming week.
Today’s motto will be

“Just let it slide, enjoy the ride”.

Let the worries slide, bad thoughts, negativity…Let them all “slide”… and don’t forget to use “Mint Waxed”…

Before all of this sounds too much like a bad advert, I bid you adieu and hope you enjoy the ride!