Yesterday was a first for my wife and I. We attended a live radio broadcast.
We were part of the audience.
For almost 90 Minutes we listened to excellent performances of Gershwin’s compositions.
The arrangements were amazing.
For once I enjoyed “A Rhapsody In Blue”.
When you watch the musicians create the music it takes on an entirely different dimension.
My belief has always been that you can enjoy almost any genre of music if it is performed live by seasoned musicians.
Simply absorbing the vibe and the artistry makes the experience worthwhile.
Entrance was free, but prior registration for the event was required.
The invitation stated that the dress would be formal.
In the African heat we don’t often go as far as putting on a jacket, but we still adhere to the culture of the tie…
Naturally quite a few guests pitched up in some or other interpretation of what “formal” might constitute.

I can understand if your perception of formal differs from mine. But the mind boggles… Some guests either worked hard to perfect the “grunge” look, or they simply forgot to change clothes during the week.
All the band members were dressed immaculately by the way.
Here’s my question, should we stand firm and maintain that “Freedom of choice” always includes dressing up as you like, or do you dress according to the requirements of the event?
If you were to organize a fancy-dress party you would be slightly annoyed if all your guests decided to wear nothing other than normal T-Shirts, shorts and flip-flops, wouldn’t you?
I reckon you could do well to show some form of respect for your host by dressing appropriately.
If we were to take our cue(Q?) from Ian Fleming’s “James Bond” we could easily argue that even the most die-hard of screen icons always dresses correctly for each occasion.
James and his female cohorts are just as home in “Black Tie”, camouflage, swimsuits, business suits, informal clothes or no clothes as they are in their scuba gear or military uniforms.
“Clothes maketh the man (Or woman)?”
What do you think? No jacket required? Ever? Except in freezing conditions?
Nonetheless, thanks for stopping by! Have a great Monday, no matter how you are dressed.
[The digital doodle was sketched on the Samsung Note 10.1 Inch Tablet].