The digital doodle I sketched is not Marvel’s Ms. Marvel.
Die hard defenders of intellectual property could argue that her attire bears a
striking resemblance to the costume worn by Carol Danvers.

But I don’t see a distinctive black mask or that golden “Z” emblazoned across her chest.
So, she isn’t a marvel at all?
This isn’t fan art at all, is it?

Are you “Superman” if you simply wear blue tights and a red cape?
Sometimes the usage of certain colors is too generic to warrant any mention of a lawsuit.
The combination of certain elements could begin to present a problem. You did call you character in tights “Clark”, didn’t you!

Here’s a great article on the subject matter of plagiarism and fan art in general.

I find it very amusing to look at real-life examples of blatant copyright infringement.
When I walk through a shop full of cheap knock-off products I’m often amazed at the lengths some manufacturers would go to in order to make some money.
This is runaway capitalism capitalizing off recognized and established brands.
“Hero Squad” would feature a hero wielding a hammer, a heroine in black, a guy with a bow and arrow as well as exact replicas of Hulk and Captain America.
Some people mask the blatant symbols a bit, turning the hammer of Thor into something resembling a baseball bat.
Instead of selling a Hulk with purple pants they will sell him wearing blue pants and boots.

Should we place a stranglehold on everyone who creates a fairly recognizable likeness of a copyrighted character?
Many creators of art understand how the community supports them.
Not only are fans paying good money to watch movies, playing games or reading comics and novels, they can perpetuate the longevity of a movie, game or anything else for that matter.
(Take another look at the link I pasted.)

It is logical that fans will go to some lengths to “own a piece of the action” whether it is by simply paying homage to a show by dressing up as a character or drawing an alternate version of a character.
What is your take on this?

Should we arrest each child who draws a picture of Princess Elsa at school?
Will the Anti-plagiarism SWAT Police swoop in, rappelling from helicopters every time someone hosts a “Frozen” children’s party?

“This is your first time in lockup? Yeah, thought so… Oh, ok son, what are you in for?”
“I spoke like Darth Vader”.
“It is going to be long night in here for you boys… Hey will Magneto and Wolverine shut it there in the corner!!”

Anyway, whichever way we look at this, our imaginary friends are here to stay… and I for one am glad.
Thanks for allowing me to entertain a few random thoughts about sharing the likenesses of our imaginary friends.

Have a great Wednesday!