Another classic movie I never got around to watch is “The Seven Year Itch “…. Featuring Marilyn Monroe at the height of her fame in 1955.
Naturally I’m a great fan of the iconic Ms. Monroe. I have seen some of her other work and interest in this larger-than-life persona was rekindled when I watched
Michelle William’s amazing portrayal of Marilyn in the movie “My weekend with Marilyn”.

Susanna Hoffs, famous for being a member of the 80s girl band “The Bangles” places an interesting and very honest spin on the “seven-year itch” in her song “November Sun”.

Seven years waiting for the sky to fall
It’s like I know you well and not at all
The words that caused you pain
Will wash away in this November rain

Seven nights wondering where your heart has gone
And though you’re here it’s like I am alone
And scared of how we’ve changed
You’ve always been my cover in the rain

Susanna Hoffs – November Sun

Here’s a quick reconstruction of this sketch.



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