The minute you switch on your mobile phone it decides to check for updates.
Your computer is a hungry beast that feeds on new patches and upgrades.

Upgrade your gym contract in the new year. You may get a free towel.
Your medical cover and household insurance might not be upgraded.
Be sure the premium will receive an annual “upgrade”!

On a daily basis you are conditioned to believe you require a new car.
One with more features per square inch. You need the upgraded paint schemes.
Matching color-coded rims, bumpers and dashboard trim.

You need to get promoted this year. Upgrade that stagnating career.
The minute you have levelled up you can afford the upgraded car!

You will be bigger and better this year.
Surround yourself with new people, new friends and new scenarios.
All of the above could serve to upgrade your social standing.
Do you want a trophy wife?
Will the new tuition packages elevate your kids to a place where they
can really make you proud?

Who considered getting any personality upgrades this year?
They are tough to implement but require no downloads.
They are practical.
Smile more, forgive others more often, don’t take yourself to seriously.
Take a deep breath and don’t chase after the guy who cut you off in traffic.
There are a thousand ways within which you can improve, and none of them
require additional contracts or more debit orders.

(Drawing and words by me)