The Black Dog Of Depression

I heard that crocheting was an excellent way of fighting depression.

Drawing helps me get away from “The Black Dog”.
This is not even remotely about trivializing a very serious issue.
Art can simply be a method that might help an individual to deal with something that’s very real and very dangerous.
Kris Kristofferson Beat The Devil by stealing his song and drinking his beer for free.
I can’t write songs or change a few chords to make a new tune.

What I can do is to change the appearance of The Black Dog.
I can draw him as ridiculous as I want to and place him safely inside a frame.
For me, that is the power of the cartoonist!

Here are a few random ideas for artists who wish to draw Man’s Best Friend.
I try and draw dogs with square-ish jowls and heads.
Perhaps my childhood experiences with Boxers forever changed my perceptions of dogs,
Sketch a very elongated muzzle, add some floppy ears and you might as well be drawing a mouse?

Always ask yourself, “Which aspect of ‘dogness’ are you capturing?”
Are you aiming for fierce, powerful or cute?
Research dog types online to see what suits your drawing project.
The Fiery Guardian of Hell can’t ever be a Yorkie… Unless of course you are aiming for an absurd parody.
It all depends on your project’s context.

In my reference sheet I didn’t aim to provide a comprehensive tutorial for drawing a dog’s head.
This illustrates how a few minor changes can greatly affect your drawing.
Hatching and shadows give your drawing character and depth. Don’t overdo it though.
Add a few quirky touches such as hair or expressive eyebrows. Make your drawing “different”.
Large eyes can help to create a surprised, vulnerable or innocent look.
Edgy sharp triangles are used for strong features and can imply determination or power.

Just don’t ever be afraid to experiment.
Erase or undo as often as you like.

Here’s to some happy drawing!
Have a great day.