Did you entertain a childhood dream of becoming a rock star?
C’mon! Who never imagined playing guitar in front of a thousand screaming fans?

What is your BIG dream?

I always pictured myself as a world-famous artist living on an island.
There I would create a renowned comic.
The stuff of legend!
I would work in paradise… Free from all the issues and drama of this world.

The dream never came true.

Only during my later years did I realize that the “issues and drama” of the world is precisely that
which feeds the imagination of any artist.

Dream big!
But enjoy your “waking hours” as well, where they happen to take you today!

If you wish to extend your drawing skills you can draw some birds.
There are as many ways to draw birds as there are bird species.


This is my method:

Throw together a few circles. Create the body and head.
Draw a beak. This can be a triangle.
Add a few lines for legs and feathers.
Eyes can be big or small… dots are often good enough.
I will always emphasize experimentation.
You can follow trusted conventions or create entirely new approaches to drawing.

I like using a base image that can be modified.
Give your masterpiece longer legs, bigger eyes.
Add a crash-helmet.
Placing your bird on a branch immediately gives it context.
Perhaps your bird needs a rocket pack strapped to its back.
You have the power to create anything.

Happy drawing!